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“Supervision can be a place where a living profession breathes and learns.” Hawkins & Shohet

We offer monthly supervision to counsellors; this formal arrangement provides a regular opportunity to discuss clinical work with an experienced consultant. Joanne is a fully qualified supervisor and she uses an integrative approach based on a combination of models including Inskipp & Proctor as well as Shohet's Seven Eyed Model.

Purpose, Goals & Objectives of Supervision:

  • To fulfil counselling profession standards, abiding by ethical & legal guidelines;
  • To enhance the quality & creativity of how supervisee’s work with clients;
  • To ensure supervisees provide sustainable & resilient services to clients;
  • To review the supervisee’s allocation of work with clients & application of the ethical framework.

Context & Content of Supervision:

  • The content of supervision will focus on the acquisition of knowledge, conceptualisation, and skills within the defined scope of practice.
  • The context will ensure understanding of ethics, codes, rules, regulations, standards, guidelines (including consent, confidentiality/ privacy), and all relevant legislation.

If you feel you'd benefit from a period of supervised practice or your registered/accredited body requires that you engage in regular and on-going supervision, please contact me to arrange an initial meeting.

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