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St Pius X College Multi Sport and Health Taster Day!

Posted December 14, 2017

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St Pius X College Multi Sport and Health Taster Day!

We were kindly asked to take part in the St Pius Multi Sport and Health Taster Day which took place on Friday 8th December.  This event was organised by a group of 6th formers as a project within their Sports Science A-Level, delivered to the Year 9’s.

As part of the local community, we were honoured to have been asked and privileged to be a part of this initiative.  Our remit was to talk about mental health in general to the year group.  We decided that it was important to explain what mental health is, what the factors are that cause it and some of the symptoms that are common from having poor mental health.  We created an awareness of typical life stressors and experiences which may lead to poor mental health and reviewed some of the statistics surrounding it, focusing on those specific to young people.  For instance, 3 out of 4 mental illnesses start in childhood, 10% of schoolchildren have a diagnosable mental illness and less than 30% of mental health funding gets spent on young people; alarming statistics published earlier this year.

We then focused on the topic of anxiety, given that it has been such a prominent mental illness for young people in recent years.  The pupils seemed to relate to this and took away some practical breathing techniques and methods of focusing on the 'present moment' along with ideas of what may help to alleviate any anxiety related symptoms.  The group then enjoyed a quiz to finish the workshop. This demonstrated how well they were listening and hopefully they were able to take something away about their own well-being.

We believe that well-being starts with creating and building upon resilience within our young people; this is the responsibility of us all; parents, teachers, youth and religious leaders, sports coaches and indeed anyone who has interaction with young people.  With the knowledge gained as well as the skills to practice various techniques and tools, young people can learn to cope with all that life brings through both the good and more challenging times they may face.

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