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It isn't always as it seems...

Posted June 23, 2017

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It isn't always as it seems...

Recently, another celebrity publicly revealed his struggle with depression, alcohol and substance abuse. Ant McPartlin is one of the most well known public figures in the UK and Ireland and while revealing this has said that he feels he has “let people down” but wanted to speak out to help others. Watching him as part of a Comedic duo in numerous T.V shows, who would have thought that he struggled with addiction and mental health issues?

Ant seemed to have the “perfect life”, a happy marriage, a good job and financial security but this helped mask a life of deep pain and inner turmoil. He is the perfect example of that well known headline ‘Mental illness can affect anyone.’

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate; whether it be age, gender or social status it can strike at any time. Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie and now Ant McPartlin using their celebrity platforms to promote awareness around mental illness can only be seen as an extremely positive development as it helps to break down the stigma that is still associated with this disorder.

Mental illness can be triggered by many things, in Ant’s case it was the use of prescription drugs to help cope with the pain of failed knee surgery, and confiding in someone you can trust is the first step towards recovery. Counselling provides a professional and confidential environment in which you can feel safe to explore and identify issues which are causing concern and contemplate the changes needed to enhance your wellbeing.

If you think you might benefit from talking to a qualified, professional counsellor, please visit our “Contact” tab to get in touch.

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