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Anti-Bullying Week

Posted November 15, 2016

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Anti-Bullying Week

This week (14th – 18th Nov) is Anti-Bullying Week and the theme is ‘power for good’. The aim is to encourage people in a position of power e.g. parents, teachers, coaches, employers etc to use their ‘power for good’ to take action against bullying all year round.

Bullying is generally defined as repeated behaviour used to hurt someone, either emotionally or physically and the latest statistics show that it affects one in two of us.

Bullying is often aimed at certain people because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, or disability, however anyone can experience bullying throughout their lifetime.

Bullying occurs in most situations where people congregate and it is common in schools, homes, sports teams, social situations, neighbourhoods, workplaces and more recently online. Bullying can come in many forms ranging from name calling and teasing to spreading rumours, making threats and physical assault.

A staggering 70% of people affected by bullying don’t seek help however many are now turning to counselling.  Our Counsellors are professionally trained to listen as you describe what is happening to you and they will endeavour to support you to explore what options are available.




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