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Alcohol, Drugs and Exam results

Posted August 15, 2017

Many teenagers and their parents are presently experiencing feelings of extreme anxiety as they await the arrival of exam results. A huge effort has been exerted over a number of years in an attempt to achieve the grades necessary to fulfil ambitions and dreams therefore it’s quite natural to feel anxious and on edge. If the desired results are achieved students and their parents will feel positive, satisfied and confident about the future, while those who don't get the results they had hoped for often feel dejected.

Either way, choices must be made and decisions arrived at, but the stark reality is that life goes on and these results only measure a little bit of our teenagers and their abilities.

Perhaps, more importantly, this is the time to have a chat about the other choices and decisions to be made which will probably have a longer lasting impact than the exam results that will arrive shortly, i.e. alcohol and drugs.  Social media is used extensively by some at this time of year to promote and advertise cheap alcohol and our teenagers are encouraged to celebrate their results or drown their sorrows.

Some exam result parties are also targeted by those who pedal drugs in the hope that teenagers will be tempted into trying out substances and pills which seem to offer something new and exciting.  With all the attention focused on study and results, it’s easy for parents to take their eye off the ball and not pay attention to or be aware of the temptation that teenagers will face to drink to excess or experiment with drugs at exam result events.

Of course, these conversations are better started earlier in life, preferably before entering secondary school, however now is a good time to revisit them as the opportunity may not arise again

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